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April 6th, 2014 by in Everything

We are going to try and simplify things a bit on the site.

Now that the calendar is working correctly, we are going to begin to post all events under the …Event tab, go figure!  All events such as weekday and weekend rides, race dates, trail clean up dates, beer (and other) tours….you get the idea, will be posted under the Events tab. If you click on the Events heading (not the drop down tabs) you will get all the upcoming events displayed in a calendar view, click on the event of interest for more info concerning that event. You can also check ahead to future months as well.  If you want them listed, click on the “view as” tab and click on list.

The blog tab will be used for trail ride reviews and other things of interest.

Trail Info will be used to update on trail conditions and things that pertain to trail advocacy.

Hope this helps solve some issues about where to find what info. Thanks for the understanding about our growing pains.





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