Weekend Ride-Sunday

April 5th, 2014 by in Everything

Sunday Ride:

Where: Midhurst Trail

When: Sunday 10am

Thinking of heading to the Midhurst trail network on Sunday morning.  The idea is to get a ride in before it warms up too much and with a Saturday night low of -5 it should shape up to be a great ride.  Keep an eye on this post as I will update it as the day progresses and confirm start time and post a map for location.  Word on the street is that skinny tire bikes would likely work great as well as the trails are well compacted, so don’t be afraid to join in with your skinny bike as well!  See you out there, have a great day.

There are a couple of Fat Bikes up for grabs to borrow as well if you want to try one out. If you want to use one, contact me through the contact us tab.

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