Weekend Ride Report: Kolapalooza

July 8th, 2013 by in Everything

Date: Saturday July 6th, 2013
Location: Kolapore
Weather: Sunny and HOT

Tyler and Johnny headed up to Kolapore to conquer the Kolapalooza, which equates to pretty much every trail in Kolapore… Just shy of 30km, in about 3hrs, with an average speed of a whopping 11km/hr… As johnny said, it was no Albion ride…

Weather was great for the ride, sunny, hot and humid… Went out with full camelbaks, and needed to refill at Metcalf rock with the fresh water that was coming out of the ground.

Started with the normal route to the lookout.  ran into a few hikers which were extremely friendly on the trail, which was nice.  Everyone seemed to be in a good mood with the nice weather we had.

Had a lunch at the lookout and then headed down towards the waterfall.  Took a different route towards Metcalf rock, instead of riding the road for 3km, we took a trail on shale rock.  A lot of fun, and all pretty much rideable, except for a few hike a bike spots.

Filled the camelbacks, biked to Paradise highway, rode the trail, then off to Mount Delagary… i dont know how it’s spelt… did the out and back, then through the tornado section and out.  The trails were very very overgrown.  A lot of hidden rocks.  Started a count on paradise highway, hit over 5 hidden rocks.

After the ride, had a beer in the parking lot, then off to Creemore Pub for a pint and some food.  Emily and Karen met us there, enjoyed the beer and food.  A Great way to finish off the ride for sure!

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