Weekend Ride

January 18th, 2013 by in Everything

Sunday January 20th, 2013
Location: Mansfield
Time: 11am ride start

Ride will be at Mansfield, 11am ride time. 
Breakfast at the Country Cabin, 9:30am. (Let Johnny know if you are going to breakfast)

Johnny checked out the trails and should be good to go for both fat and skinny tires alike.  The freeze, thaw freeze may have worked in our favour!

Hi All,

Discussions after Wednesday’s Mono ride, we have determined that Sunday will work for the majority this weekend.

Johnny is going to check out Mansfield today (Friday) and see whether the singletrack there is rideable.  After the thaw we had, Mono was in great shape, and we figure anything that wasn’t packed down by snowshoers would be in great shape.. but i guess we will see today.

An update on the ride location will be given either tonight or tomorrow.

If you want to ride, check the blog Saturday for any updates. 

Also, prior to the ride, there might be a family breakfast, this will be confirmed as well tonight or tomorrow.
If you wish to go to breakfast, please let Johnny know before Saturday as he needs to give them number to reserve tables etc.

Current Weather Forecast for Saturday: -5C and flurries

If you don’t respond you are considered not going. 

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