Weekend Ride

May 9th, 2013 by in Everything

Date: Sunday May 12th, 2013
Location: Kalopore
Time: Noon

Hi all,
This week we have 2 different rides on Sunday.
The first will be at Kalopore.
A few people will be meeting for breakfast at the Country Cabin at 9am…
Ride Start Time will be noon.
Weather looks chilly at 7C, but sunny….

Afterwards, the origional plan of a massive party at Senn’s house has been cancelled…. odds are people may be heading over to the Beaver and Bulldog in Collingwood.  This will be discussed during the ride…

Date: Sunday May 12th, 2013
Location: Midhurst School Board Office
Time: 10am

This ride is put on by Doug and Hayley.. Some people have ridden with them before, great group of riders.
Ride location will be in the parking lot at the Midhurst school board office.  If you dont know where the board office is, it is located across the road from the Simcoe County Museum on Hwy 26, right near the intersection of 26 and Hwy 27.

There will be a tailgate party afterwards in the parking lot.

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