Weekend – Hardwood Hills 8hr.

September 26th, 2013 by in Everything

Date; Saturday September 28th, 2013
Location: Hardwood Hills
8hr Relay Race

As most people are aware, we have 2 teams and 3 solo riders registered in the fall 8hr race.  It would be awesome if we can have a bunch of people come out and enjoy the day.  For people with kids, there are kids races around 11 or noon… you’ll have to check the website…

Anyways, the following are the teams that we have.

team van go solo johnny – Self explanitory
team van go solo senn – self explanitory
team van go solo tyler – self explanitory
Ann  and the gritty kitties
– Ann
– Moe
– Karen
– Jacqueline
– Craig
– Jonathon
Sherriff bros and cruz cousin
– Andrew
– James
– Chris
– Bernie

Come on out watch people in pain… it’ll be fun… if you are looking for the team, we will be all around the team van go tent in the solo pit area.


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