Wednesday Night Ride Report

October 24th, 2013 by in Everything

Our group is getting smaller, on the cooler night, only 5 riders, plus 1 four legged runner were out for the different Mono Ride.  Tyler, Johnny,Senn, Mike, Mark and Max did the chilly, but very fun tour..

The ride started out on the normal route, until the top of puke hill.  From there we did some new trails to the north of the park, which included some road riding, but were really really fun technical trails.

At the end of the ride, as we were changing, putting bikes on the roofs of cars, this odd white snow like stuff was falling from the sky…. Yup our first snow ride of the year… nothing accumulating, but still enough to see when your light is on.

That being said, the trails were in excellent shape, and dressed warm enough the temperatures were not a factor, only some cold toes.

To anyone who is thinking the riding season is, oh heck no… we are still going and going strong, all the way until there is a foot of snow on the ground… after that fat tires may be needed…

Also, remember that Sunday at noon is the big group ride in Mansfield.  Bring anyone and all who wants to come out.  Going to be a fun ride!

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