Upcoming Ride Guide

September 3rd, 2013 by in Everything

Date: Tuesday September 3rd, 2013
Location: Dufferin Forest
Time: 6:30pm
Ride / Hike

At the moment not sure if this will be a ride, or a hike, or both… Contact Tyler, or put a comment in the comment box below the post to let us know what you plan or want to do.


Date: Wednesday September 4th, 2013
Location: Mono Cliffs
Time: 6pm Normal Ride
Time: 6:30pm Touring / Fun Ride – Note this ride time may be bumped to 6pm depending on who is riding.

Hike: 6pm


Date: Friday September 6th, 2013
Location: Albion Hills – Parking on Patterson / Rail Trail
Time: 6pm
Ride Type – Training Ride for 8hr

Please put a comment in the box below, or contact Tyler if you plan on riding.  Just so we dont leave and are missing people.  An option will be to meet at the fountain for 6 as well.  See what people want to do and see what the weather will do.

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