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May 19th, 2014 by in Everything, Product

So as of May 6th, TVG has an insurance policy in place.  Lots of questions regarding this and membership.  Folks are wondering why this is all required when things were just fine the way they were.  The reality is that the way things were was leaving some of us open for liability issues.

With all the issues to attend to with the trails in Dufferin Forest  and the Management Plan, someone had to come to the County meetings for the mountain bike community with insurance and an organized club (equestrians, hunters, snowmobilers, dirt bikers were all represented as insured groups at the meetings).  If we wanted permission to maintain the single track of the Dufferin County Forest, we needed insurance.

So those are the main reasons.  Our insurance company requires anyone going on an event organized by TVG (ie. one posted on the website) signs a waiver releasing TVG of liability.  If anyone is a “member” of TVG, then they only need to fill out the waiver once a year, non-members are required to fill one out at every event they are at.

So, we have decided that anyone who wants to be a member of TVG can do so.  We are not setting a membership fee, but instead  membership will be  based on a donation basis if anyone wants to do so. (The donations will go towards our insurance premiums and IMBA membership dues).  This way we are not requiring anyone to pay to join. You can become a member for free if you choose and  you will only be required to fill out the waiver once a year.

I hope that is a clear enough explanation of what is going on and why it’s happening. If you have any questions regarding the insurance requirements, liability issues or membership in general, please e-mail us through the “Contact Us” tab.  If you choose to donate, please pass your donation on to Bernie, Johnny or Tyler.

Please print and fill out the following waiver an bring it along on your next ride. Go to:

Thank you for understanding and co-operation, see you out there!


Also keep an eye on the Events tab for Wednesday Night ride info, it will likely be at Mono Centre weather dependant.


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