Trail Clean up Report

April 28th, 2014 by in Everything

Hello all,


We had a great turnout for the trail clean up at Dufferin Forest!! A lot more people came out than was expected, and it was great.  We had perfect weather, and a good crew, it took no time to get everything cleaned up and finished.




April 2014 066


Everyone went out on different trails and started leaf blowing, raking, sawing, moving trees, etc.  Again with a great group of people out it made this a heck of a lot easier!!!


April 2014 069




Pictured below:  Emily, Craig, Jonathon, Janet, Ralph, Mark, Ann, Moe, Wendy, Lori, Lisa, Tyler, Johnny, Karen, Karin, Bernie, Grace.


Not in the photo:  Chris, Judy, Colin, Brian, Ian, and Chris.





We had a total of 23 folks helping out!!!!  Again, unbelievable Turnout!!!!


Now everyone needs to get on their bikes and ride!



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