Trail Build Day – a huge success!!

August 18th, 2014 by in Everything

This past Sunday we had a huge group of people come out and support the rebuild of a trail that was damaged due to the logging this past year in Dufferin Forest.




Tyler, Emily, Johnny, Karen, Ralph, Wendy, Greg, Craig, Jonathon, Bernie, Grace, Rob, Pete, Janet, Don, Chris and Judy all came out (17 in total), which made the day a great success!!!




We split the groups into smaller groups to tackle the new 2km section, as well as fix another section that was damaged from horses.  The first pass was all to do the initial clean, and raking of the trail, and to plow through the forest.  There were leaf blowers, chainsaws, pruners, rakes and weed whackers going the whole time.


On this new trail, we have added some built up sections for people to ride over.  There was a lot of dirt that was moved over the course of the day!!!


Also, huge breaking news!!!!!!!!!  Dufferin Forest has a rock garden!!!  Thanks to Rob and Pete for digging these up… Who knew!




By noon, we had the trail cleaned, and only the last bits of clean up, and build some more dirt roll overs left.  Lunch was catered by the Rosemont General Store (  The sandwiches provided were amazing!!!  Recommendation to hit the store up and grab a sandwich for after the ride, or lunch or whatever, really really good!!!


After lunch our final push, which was great.  Shovels, hoes and rakes were going until about 3pm.  So about 4.5 hours on the trails, and we have not finished it!!!




Thank you to everyone again that showed up to help out, we could not have done this without you!!




All that is left is to head there and ride the trail.  This will be the best for it, and to get it burnt in nicely!


Thanks again all!!!



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