The ROC Bike Park

July 8th, 2014 by in Everything

A couple weeks back, Bernie and I headed up to Georgina to try out and scope out the ROC bike park.  This place is located just a few concessions north of Ravenshoe.


When you first pull in you notice the amount of money that the town has dumped into this facility.  There are rock climbing walls, splash pad, volley ball courts, bike trails, and bike skills park…. So all in all there is stuff to do for everyone.


We spent probably the better part of 1/2 hour or more messing around in the bike Skills park.  Trying different things, see what was ridable and not… at the end of the day it’s all rideable, just need to get the courage to do it.







We hit the trails, and to be honest they were a riot.  Not much climbing, but a lot of small features to play on and bridges etc.  Overall there was not a lot of trails, maybe 6-8km in total length, but it is worth the time to head out and try them.









My recommendation would be to plan the day to ride both Ravenshoe as well as the ROC.  I’d start at Ravenshoe, play around the trails there and do the 15 min drive to the ROC.  The ROC is free to bike so it is worth the pop up.  After the rides, head into Keswick for ice cream at Dairy Queen, or grab a pint at Boston Pizza.  Either way, make a full day of it.



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