Team Van Go – PSA

January 14th, 2015 by in Product

Hi All,


A little while back we received an email in the Contact us section of the site, and just wanted to do a small PSA (Public Service Announcement) with regards to the comment.


I know in team van go, about 90% of us do have bells on our bikes.  This inexpensive but really a great feature to have gives us as riders a great way to communicate between each other of obstacles, rider down, etc etc.  But the other feature and probably the more important one is to communicate with other users of the forest.


When you are coming up behind someone hiking, give the bell a quick ding, preferably a ways back so the person knows you are coming up.  This will prevent the hiker from having a heart attack, as well if they have a dog and they need to keep it leashed it gives time for that.  Also, when you come across a horseback rider, it is always a great idea to give the bell a ding before you cross a double track, again to ensure that people know you are there.


Bikes are pretty quiet for the most part, and for other users to know we are there, a 10-20$ purchase will go a long way!




If you have any comments, or other PSA’s that you want published, please let us know through the Contact Us email!




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