Team Van Go News

October 21st, 2013 by in Everything

Well, I can give some information on the news with regards to team van go.

Johnny has been working with IMBA to determine the best route on having team van go registered as a Club. Well his hard work is complete, and team van go is currently signed up as a club with IMBA Canada.

What that means to you… well right now nothing, but it is the first step.  The next will be the liability insurance, which we will be asking for anyone part of team van go to pitch in.

Some information and details are yet to be sorted out, but this is a big deal.  We are becoming either more professional, or growing into adult hood…. i think…

At the end of the day, team van go wont change what we do, rides, the odd pint, and good times and laughs….

Below is the link for the IMBA site.

Oh yes, and we are on the website for IMBA too…

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