Team Van Go – Mountainview 9hr Race Report

August 15th, 2014 by in Everything

This past weekend we had 4 team van go teams compete in the Mountainview 9hr race in Midland.

This is a great race, the course was 8km on the nose, and the trails were fun and technical.

The teams we had in were:

Team Van Go:  Tyler, Chris, Johnny

Team Van Go 2 Go:  Don, Chris, Joe, Craig

Team Van Go and the Gritty Kitty:  Craig, Jonathon, Karen, Bernie

Team Van Go Wendy and the Boys: Mark, Doug, Ralph, Wendy

Support:  Emily Karin


We also had Shea from the Bike Zone join us as a solo rider.


We had a perfect day weather wise for this race, the sun was shining, the trails were dry and sandy, and the start line wasn’t jammed with people, which makes this a great low key event!!!



During the course of the day, there were challenges, a bike limbo, Bottle holding, pie eating and slip and slide!  Each one of these challenges gave the winner 150$ and the top 3 teams had time deducted from their overall scores.  I’ll get back to that later.




The course that Thomas Wood set up for this years race was great, there were some good climbs, good flowly downhill sections, some great technical features, and a lot to keep your mind going through the laps.  A big thank you to Thomas for the awesome work done this year.  This will be on the calender for next year for sure!





The great part about the whole day was that everyone seemed very pleased with how their laps were, no one had any major mechanicals, were some slight ones, but nothing that were catastrophic.   Also, we had no major crashes over the course of the day either, which is a huge feat.  Sure some folks brushed some trees, and there was some blood shed, but no broken bones, trips to the hospital etc.  So that makes for an absolutely perfect day for all!!




Now for the challenges, every person had to compete in a challenge, which we all did.  But the main focus was on the slip and slide, where we had 2 team van go members make it all the way to the final.  Craig and Doug battled the slip and slide out to the bitter end, with Doug picking up the win, and Craig coming second.  Doug picked up a cheque for 150$, and time off of their overall score, where as Craig also had time taken off their overall score.




The other events were great to watch, especially the pie eating, where Chris tried to devour the blueberry pie… He did almost throw up once, but he came in a respectable 5th place. No time deduction, but still a valient effort.




At the end of the day, all teams enjoyed the day, and we finished off the day with some sausages and a bbq where everyone regalled each other with stories from the day!!!




We dont have results posted yet, but once they come up i’ll post the link.


At the end of the day, there was a competition between Johnny, Tyler and Chris.  Who ever set the fastest lap time would get first choice of a free 6 pack of beer.  We had a suprise addition of a 6 pack of Ting a non-alcoholic beverage….. So out of the 3 of us, Johnny set the fastest lap with a 27 min lap, Tyler second with a 29 and Chris 3rd with a 31.  Johnny selected the case of Ting, just to spite Chris.  This was a lot of fun having the small internal competition.

We had another battle between Johnny and Tyler, who hit the fastest speed during the lap, with the fastest going to Tyler with a 53.24 km/hour speed recorded on the computer.




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