Sunday Ride Report

October 8th, 2013 by in Everything

Date:  Sunday October 6th, 2013
Location: Dufferin Forest

This past weekend, Tyler and Chris hit Mansfield for a good ride, in the midst of the OCTRA horse race.  I must say, the horse people were extremely friendly, and stayed on strictly the double track.

The weather was calling for showers, but luckily for us, they held off, a little rain at the end of the ride, but the rest was dry…. the floor of the forest was wet, with roots being a little slick, but all in all was a great ride.

Did the mini Manchulada, then ducked out to hit a few extra trails, to the south of mansfield for some added fun.

You can tell the riding season is slowly coming to an end, as we are starting to take pictures on the rides again….

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