Sunday – Collingwood

January 9th, 2014 by in Everything

Hi all,

If you wish to do some sort of activity on Sunday, come on out to the parking lot at 3 stages. Below is the map on where we meet.

Some people are going to go out for a hike then to Collingwood to shop, others are going to head out for a snowshoe and meet at the pub…. choose your poison.

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If you are not planning on riding, or hiking, but do want to come out for the festivities afterwards, we are hoping to be at the Beaver and Bulldog for around 3:30pm in Collingwood, on the Main Street.

As we are riding there, we are not 100% sure what time we will be there for sure, could be 3pm, could be the next day…… who knows… but if you put yourself there around 3:30 and we are late, I’m pretty sure you can have a drink, and some munchies…. You will be at a pub…..

When in Collingwood you can always check out Kamikazee as well, look at a new bike, spend some money….

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