Sawdust City Brewery – Lone Pine IPA

September 16th, 2014 by in Beer Reviews

Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger




Well over the past few weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to try a lot of different new beers that are out there.  It’s a great time to enjoy beer too, because it almost seems like every month a new microbrew has opened up.  Hopefully this doesn’t flood the market, but hey, for us it works out great.


This Beer review is from the Sawdust City Brewery up in Gravenhurst Ontario.  If you dont know where Gravenhurst is, drive north on Hwy 11, you’ll find it.  A little blurb from their site.   Located in Gravenhurst Ontario, the gateway to Muskoka,Sawdust City Brewing Company is dedicated to the art and science of creating exceptional craft beers. We produce traditional ales in an array of styles, but there is nothing traditional about the flavour.  (


Now to the most important part… the beer.  The Lone Pine IPA is an IPA…. If you didnt get that from the name of the beer.  When I drank the beer it was straight out of the can, so the appearance of the beer was Can like shaped.  From what I read online, it is a hazy brown colour, almost beer coloured… If you dont like that, head to the LCBO and buy a can and pour it into a glass and let me know, cause I am curious now too….


The first swig of beer gives you a vast array tasty goodness.  This IPA first hits you with a bit of a bitterness not overwhelming, but there seems to be a hint of citrus as well.  The main flavour profile of this beer is the hop’s which is great for someone that enjoys a hoppier beer, like myself.  This beer is rated 65 on the IBU scale, so it’s up there.  To give you a comparison, Amsterdam Boneshaker is a 65 on the IBU scale as well.  So if the math works out, if you like Boneshaker you will like this beer.


Overall, I was only given a can, but I would recommend anyone either make the trip up to Gravenhurst to pick up a can, or a case of this, or try and track it down at your local LCBO or Beer Store.  All in all it was a great beer, and I wish I had more to drink.


Rating:  4.61 out of 5

Would you buy a case of this beer: I would for sure, but like i said earlier, I only drank a Can.

Would you recommend this beer to a friend:  With a rating of 4.61 that should be self explanatory.

Why is Friday the 13th, always on Friday???  Seriously… Its because its Thursday the 12 is on the Thursday before Friday.

Was the beer hoppy:  Yup, just like a nice refreshing Boneshaker. So Good!!!




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