Sausage Suit ITT / TVG Kampout Review

September 9th, 2014 by in Everything

If biking is your passion, set aside time and enjoy the ride”  Patrick Dempsey


Well another year has passed, and another successful year for the Sausage Suit ITT.  From the numbers, there was around 70 riders for the event and 4 runners.  A big jump for the previous year for sure.  The course was a 16+ km loop, and riders had a choice, a single lap or a double lap.  Below were the Team Van Go riders that entered..


Single Lap:  Tyler, Karen, Jenny, Criag, Wendy, and Jonathon

Double Lap:  Johnny, Jamie, Lori, Bernie, Mark, Ralph, Cody, Don, Chris, Chris, Micheal, Joe, Taylor and Ian

Support:  Ann, Emily, Karin, Illona, Julie, Callum and Lisa


I dont think I missed anyone……  Anyways, we had a perfect day for the race.  The temperatures stayed nice and cool and the sun didn’t really come out until later on in the day.  This mixed with the rain we had the night before made Dufferin Forest ideal for the race, with some soft corners, but no really dry sandy spots.












The race started at 1:30, with riders heading out in 30 second intervals.  No mass start, which is great, and no fireroad to let people “warm up” before the single track.  This was a straight dive into single track.  And really the idea is, dont get caught from behind, but you want to catch the people ahead of you.  Over the ride, you may have sections where you dont see or hear anyone for 10, 20 even 30 minutes, which turns this “race” more into a ride, and you start to enjoy the trails more and more.







The race started with the double laps riders going first, then the single lap riders heading out second.  The new connector trails worked out great and I think they will be used now more on the normal rides!! Also, the new trail that was built this year was perfect, and I personally heard only good things about the trail, everyone loved it, as well as the rock garden at the top.




During the day a Gorilla, Bag Piper, and support folks made their way to the pine forest to cheer on the final climb of the lap.  At the top of the climb was a nice refreshing Creemore Springs for anyone that wanted it.  We ended up handing out a 12 pack of beer which was pretty cool.  The gorilla helped people up the hill by either pushing them, or chasing them up the hill.  And Thanks to Ann for playing the bag pipes the whole time!!!








At the end of the day, everyone seemed to have a really really good time.  Team Van Go did very well on the Podium;


Jamie – 1st Masters Men 30km

Chris – 3rd Open Men 30km

Tyler – 1st Open Men 15km

Craig – 3rd Open Men 15km

Karen – 3rd Open Women 15km






Also, special credit to Max for filling in on open podium spots! I am pretty sure he won the most Cowbells…






Also, special thank you to Janet for helping out Dan by sending every racer off!!!!









After the race was finished, we cooked up a whole whack of sausages for people that stuck around to eat them, as well Taylor brought out 5 dozen cobs of corn which we cooked up the majority of them.  A great way to finish off the day.  There was a bonfire as well, but those stories will stay at the bonfire.  If you want to know what happened, well next year you will have to bring a tent and camp out!




Dan and Substance Projects gets a huge thank you for all the hard work, and the putting on another great event.  If you missed it, put the first weekend after the September Long weekend in your calender.  Next year we hope this will be bigger and better!!!!




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