Sausage Suit Course Preview

August 27th, 2014 by in Everything

Hi All,


For anyone who is still on the fence to register for the upcoming Sausage Suit ITT race happening on the 6th of September, heres a bit of a course preview from last nights ride.


The below is still all preliminary course detail, there may be some tweaks and changes to decrease the distance, but close enough!


The course starts off at the old Camp Dufferin field, so not where we normally start our rides from.  From there a new trail has been cut to avoid the race running on the same trail.  This new trail is all downhill, so the soil being a little soft isn’t a huge issue as you are pretty much coasting.

The new trail spits you out at the bottom of the “Jump Trail”, which from there you head on the fire road towards the normal parking lot.  You will do the Ride around trail that is in the Pine forest, then loop back into the Technical trail that we start our rides on.


At the end of the technical trail, you have to make a hard left turn, and you’ll follow the single track into the revived new trail.  This trail is again more down then up, so the soft soil wont be a problem.  You will then T onto the fireroad make a right then left back onto the single track, which is the Stick of the Lollypop.


From this point on we pretty much ride our normal trails.  You ride down to Ken’s Trail, hook into Steve’s Trail, up the switch backs and onto the New Trail that we worked on a couple weeks back.


Then you ride the Trail to Nowhere to the end, make a quick right then back onto the end of the Lollypop Trail.  From this point you ride the Lollypop, back to the Stick Trail, and out.


Last night the overall ride distance was around 16.5km.  Dan may tweak the end of Steves trail, to pop onto fireroad for a small section, to shorten the lap down closer to 15km.


All in all, the race itself will be great.  I’ll try and snap some photos next time out for referance if you have never ridden dufferin before.




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