Product Review – Sram X9 Shifter

May 14th, 2014 by in Product

SRAM X9 9-Speed Trigger


It’s somewhat of a quiet week, so why not do another product review.  Pretty much every person has 1 or 2 of these, with the exception of the crazy folks that have none… Can you guess what it is…. If you read the title of  the post, than you will know that the review is on shifters, and Sram X9 ones to be exact…


I personally ride with Sram shifters on all my bikes, X9’s or X0’s which feel the exact same.  The X9 shifters, come in 9 and 10 speed options, depending on what drivetrain you are running.  Sram on all of shifter lines run a 1:1 actuation.  What that means is every millimeter that the shifter moves, the cable and the shifter move the same amount.  With this feature, it makes it very simple to adjust and set up the shifter and derailleur.


I’ve run these shifters on my Heckler from Day 1, through trips to Arizona, Downhilling at Blue Mountain and Bromont, and they have never once failed me.  They have taken a beating, crashing on rocks, and you pick the bike up and away you go again.


One really nice feature of these shifters is the noise.  If you like quiet rides, and all that, they you probably wont like these shifters, as every click up or down the gears you do is a nice loud click or clunck….  The other nice thing with the noise, is when racing, and catching a guy, start shifting, the noise usually has them either aware you are behind them and lets you get by easier…


All in all, if you are in the market for a new set of shifters, take a real hard look at the X9 shifters.  You will need to note that if you have a shimano derailleur the shifter wont work due to the 1:1 actuation etc.


Long term Rating:  4.95 out of 5

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