Product Review: ODI Rogue Lock-on Grips

October 16th, 2013 by in Product

Time for another product review.  This time a review for the one of biggest parts of contact with your bike, your handle bar grips.  These little rubber pieces can make or break your ride.  If you have a good set of grips, you will never even think or notice them, if you have a set of grips that are not comfortable, your be riding trying to adjust your hands on the bars, finding that comfortable spot, which in turn takes your focus off of your ride.

This review will focus on the ODI Rogue Lock on Grips.  These grips seem to be one of the best and most comfortable out there, for both male and female rides.  You can fully customize the grips to your liking, whether its different coloured locks, to having custom writing on the lock rings.

If you look online and check other peoples reviews, the main problem that people  have with the grips is the weight… which for most of us, the couple grams heavier they are compared to the race versions isn’t a big issue..

For comfort, the rubber on the grips are soft yet still have some rigidity… if that makes sense… If you are at a ride with someone with these grips, take a grab hold of their grip… yup that sounds bad..

The wear and tear of the grips on my bike have been great.  I’m on my second year with them on the bike, and they haven’t worn out that much at all.  Good for another season for sure.

Below is a link to the ODI website, you can buy them direct from the manufacturer which is always nice.  You can also get a hold of them from any bike shop too, only thing is you can’t get the custom engraving on the lock rings.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
I would recommend these grips to my enemies for sure… and friends..

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