Product Review: Clark Cycle Systems – Cables and Housing

September 2nd, 2013 by in Product

It’s been a while since there has been a review on a product, and while I had time to work on my bikes, I installed a new set of cables and housings on the Rocky Mountain.  The system I ended up getting were from Chain Reaction Cycles, and they were Clark’s Cycle Systems.

You are probably thinking, Cables and Housing are the same, and you are partially right.  Most cables and housing are similar, whether it be stainless lines, galvanized, Teflon coated, etc…. The system from Clarks uses a stainless steel cable.  The major difference between Teflon coated and stainless cables is in their infancy on the bike.  The Teflon cables in past experience work well initially, well until the coating comes off.  This usually happens where the cables enter the cable housings.  One note for anyone currently running Teflon cables, do not apply lube to the cables, as they will gum up and cause extra friction.

The Clark system uses stainless steel cables, with a lubricated cable housing.  This offeres a nice smooth transition of the cable through the housing.  Beyond that, the cable housing look cool, with a silver option, and the appearance of a carbon fibre weave.  When you purchase the kit, it includes 2 inner cables, enough cable housing to run both front and rear derailleurs, as well as the end caps, and ferrules.

The pricing for the complete kit from Chain Reaction came in at 15$, so not a bad price for the complete setup.  In comparison, the Jagwire kit that I had on my bike previously ran just shy of 30$, and it only lasted 1/2 a year before I needed to swap the cable and housings out.  The shifting was to the point where it was near impossible to shift the front derailleur due to the housing being gummed up with dirt.

We will see how this new set of cables and housings go, but after a couple rides they have been smooth, and no issues as of yet… fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc….

Rating: 4 out of 5 – The cables installed easily, and they look cool!
Would you recommend this to a friend: For the people that didn’t read the above, and want the Cole’s Notes version, Yes I would recommend them to a friend…..
Pricing: 4 our of 5 – You can find cheaper cables, and you can find more expensive ones, but for the quality, these ones are really good!

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