New Fat Bike in the Group – Letter to the Editor

November 18th, 2014 by in Everything
It’s all Johnny’s fault.
In the parking lot at Dufferin one day, he says to me:  “You ever try a fatbike?  Here, try this.”  Within about 10 seconds of riding it, something in my brain clicked.  A couple of weeks later, I picked up a brand new Surly Pugsley.  I just had my inaugural ride on it Sunday at Dufferin.  I noticed a very wide handlebar, and a propensity to travel in a straight line once those big wheels get rolling fast!  (making cornering a little harder!)  But I also noticed awesome traction and flotation!  I started with about 7.5psi of tire pressure, and I’m going to try dropping it a bit on the next ride.  (I’m running tubeless).  7.5 felt pretty good, not too much bounce, but I want to try lower and see how that works.  So far no regrets!  I can’t wait for Christie to try this bike, I think it will give her much more confidence on the trail!
Thanks Johnny!
IMG_3683 - 2014-11-15 at 22-17-35
IMG_3702 - 2014-11-16 at 12-02-08
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