Mountainview 9hr

July 16th, 2013 by in Everything

Date: August 10th, 2013
Location: Midland

This is a small low key event up in Midland.  Currently we have a solo rider, and a team of 3 entered under the team van go banner.

The nice part of this race is you get time bonus’ for completing different tasks.  ie. pie eating contest, bike limbo etc.

If you want to try an endurance race this one seems to be a good fit.  Looking at the result last year there were 21 teams entered, 8 solo, 2 tag team and 11 3-4 person teams.  Compared to the 8hr races, this one is cheap, if you register prior to the 25th of july you get a t-shirt too! Whats the worst that can happen right…

If you are planning on signing up let Tyler know, as we have Team Van Go Solo, and Team Van Go already used as team names.  We could start then with Team Van Go get Beer, or Team Van Go for Another Lap, etc etc….

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