Mountainview 9hr – Seen through the Eyes of Team Van Go 2 Go

August 13th, 2014 by in Everything

Team Van Go 2 Go at the Mountainview 9 Hour Race


Riders: Chris Belanger, Craig Rideout, Don Legere, Joe Allport.


With Chris being the only seasoned veteran of the 9 Hour race format, it was up to him to set the pace for the 3 rookies to follow.

In his 1st lap he put down a very respectable time of 33mins 57 seconds. He was followed by Joe with 33:40, Don with 36:15 and Craig had a lap time of 33:32


We all remained consistent in our laps which enabled us to place unofficially in 8th place with 15 laps in 6:06:27 in the 3 – 4 man category.



More importantly we were able to place 2nd in the hotly contested and internationally recognized Team Van Go category.


In the bonus events Chris (Mr. Flexible), was entered in the Bike Limbo where he managed to make it to the 3rd round. There, he ducked instead of dodged and knocked the bar down with his non-lycra covered back side.



In the Feed Zone Rodeo, Don (No Hands) misunderstood the rules and while trying to fill his 3rd water bottle with a urine sample dropped them all and was out of the event.

Joe (Flipper) made it to the final 5 in the Slip n’ Slide where an attempt at an Eskimo roll caused him to lose momentum and ultimately the title.


Craig (Jaws) had this contest in the bag until a last minute substitution of Strawberry pies instead of the promised Blueberry threw him off his game. A protest has been filed with the International Federation Of Competitive Eating.



We had a great time and plan to be back next year.

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