Mono Cliffs

May 22nd, 2014 by in Everything

Hello All,


If you were not at the post ride festivities last night at Mono, you missed a brief encounter with the Park Ranger (who is extremely friendly, and cooperative with bikers).


Apparently a bunch of Mountain Bikers had been riding the McCarson Lake trail and riding through the bogs off to the side of the bridges, which in turn has killed off all the Salamanders that were nesting there.  This is upsetting that a group of bikers would do this.  In turn, because of these people, the McCarson Lake trail is now 100% off limits for bikers.  If you are caught riding this trail you will be fined 180$.  They will be putting up new signs, and new gates to ensure bikers are not going to be able to pass.


If you know the people that ride that section of trail please let them know and also, shake their hand and say, “Thanks for ruining a good thing”.  Also, if you are out there and see someone damaging the new signage they put up, or see riders out on that trail, please stop them and let them know.


We need to be pro-active and ensuring that we keep Mono as a place for us to ride.


See everyone on the trails.




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