Long Term Product Review: Clark Cycle Systems – Cables and Housing

October 1st, 2013 by in Product

Well, I havent done one of these before, but figured I should.  A while back I did a review on the Clark Cables and housing, which I installed on my Rocky Mountain.  During the 8hr race, my shifting started to go wonky, to the point where I could not shift out of granny gear.  The whole thing was jammed.  After pulling to the side of the trail, and using a screwdriver i was able to fix my shifter.

The cause of the jammed shifter was origionally thought to be cable stretch, and that I did not adjust it properly.  I was able to limp through the end of the race, thinking whether my shifter was going to destruct or hoping it to limp and finish the race.

On sunday after the race i took apart the shifter rebuilt it again, to notice the problem of tough shifting was still a problem.  I then started pulling apart the cables and housing to notice that the inner sheild was coming out, and jammed inside the shifter housing.  It was not only just the cable in the shifter but every cable housing on the bike was doing it…
I look at how I Installed them and how they were meant to be installed, and it was done correctly.

Not 100% sure why they failed, but will look into it for sure.  Based on this, I would have to recommend to people maybe avoid the cable housings for now….

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