Homage to Ice-Last Saturdays Race

April 14th, 2014 by in Everything

Senn and Johnny represented team van go at the Homage to Ice race on Saturday put on by Substance Projects.  Dan had made a last day decision to start the race early at 8:30am.  This ended up being a great idea as the trails stayed quite firm through the race duration.  It was a beautiful sunny morning and the Fat Bikes were ready to go! The course was 20km long and we rode the whole race together, playing tunes, doing wheelies and just pretty much having a great time goofing around.  After 20k it came down to a photo finish with Senn and Johnny side by side that put Senn on top of the podium in the Fat Bike Category with Johnny beside him in second place.


We we enjoying our finish line beer (thanks Karen, our beer sherpa!)  and suddenly realized that it was only 10am!  Mmmm, breakfast beer!  We had a awesome morning. Thanks and congratulations to Dan for hosting another excellent event (he actually shovelled out the single track!) and making the best out of a dicy weather situation.








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