Homage to Ice

March 26th, 2014 by in Everything

The First race of the season is fast approaching and from Talking with Dan at Substance Projects, the date is not going to be moved due to scheduling.


So the date will be April 12th, 2014.

Location:  Mansfield Outdoor Centre


To Register go to http://www.xcmarathon.com/XCMarathon/Homage_to_Ice.html


One huge note: From the Homage to Ice Website

There will be a Fat Bike Sub Category. Your normal category will still apply however there will be an option to race the FAT CAT as well. 

We will have a podium for FAT CAT men, and FAT CAT women.


There will be a call for help the week prior to the teamvango group to help Dan out.  Once I hear from him I’ll post up here and if we can get a crew out to either layout the course, snowblow etc, whatever Dan needs!!


Also remember to follow Substance projects either on Facebook or Twitter.








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