Hat Trick Hank makes the cut!‏

December 19th, 2013 by in Everything
A little later (Sorry Anne) but everyone get on the below today!!!!
The next round of voting begins today, with the goal of making the Top 10.
You can vote once a day until Thursday by following this link and clicking the blue box that says “vote for this artist”:
Here are other ways you can support the song in this contest:
1)  Vote once per day, per internet device from today until Thursday Dec 19th.  Some people asked me to remind them to vote daily;if you would like me to send you a daily reminder to vote just write me back and let me know.
2)  Listen to the song once on every internet browser.  If you have Chrome, Firefox, Safari and/or Explorer on one computer please play the song on each one.  Play it once at work and once at home.  The first time the song is played on every internet browser adds to the total number of plays (and each play counts as a vote).
3) Continue to spread the word: 
-Tell your music-loving and hockey-watching friends and colleagues! 
-Consider posting it on your facebook page
-Ask friends to share it, tweet it and post it!
-Know someone on a hockey team?  Ask them to send the link to players and fans!
-Visiting a friend’s house?  Use their computer and make the site their homepage. 😉
4) Keep your fingers crossed for Hank!

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