Guest Beer Review by Greg!

December 9th, 2014 by in Beer Reviews, Everything


Hey everyone, we have a Guest Beer Review from Greg! (Greg came out to help on the new hill climb build day, thanks again Greg). Nice to get others take on our favourite beverage! Here we go!

Words and pic from Greg…..


FARMAGEDDON by Bellwoods Brewery

This is a Saison style beer barrel aged 4-6 months then bottle conditioned for an additional 6-8 weeks, with an ABV of 7.2 % (!).  It is brewed with two types of Brettanomyces yeast (favoured mainly by the Lambic fans out there), Brett Brux and Brett Lambicus.

Saison beers are a very old fashion Belgian farm house style beer brewed for the summer months.  I had learned in the past it was favoured as a thirst quencher for hard working farmers without access to clean drinking water during the harvest season but an extensive 40 second google search could not substantiate this.  It is still a cool story though, considering the farmers were allotted up to 5 litres per day of this strong brew.

It’s a somewhat average straw colour with a slightly dusty smell with very subtle scents of fruits.


Taste is a strong flavour – yeasty, fruity, lemon, some sour grapes and a strong acidic tart finish, which is a real benchmark of the Saison style.  It is made in small batches and I must say, this is the third bottle I’ve had and each were somewhat different.

The strong alcohol taste is not as well hidden as other strong Bellwoods beers, you will definitely feel some warmth from this.  Perfect for the approaching winter season.

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