Fatty Frost Cross – Race Report

March 12th, 2014 by in Everything

Date:  Sunday March 9th, 2014

Location:  Hardwood Hills

Riders: Tyler, Johnny, Don, Joe and Chris

Spectators: Shea, Carrie, Emily, Derek and Julie


We had an absolutely perfect day for the this years Fatty Frost Cross.  Sunny, a little cool, which would make the trails hard packed, and a lot of riders out.  There were 47 entries for the event, so it was really nice to see a whole lot of fat bikes out.








The race was a 2hr long race, with how ever many laps you could do.  Tyler Johnny and Chris rode the event together, with tunes going, for the better part of the race until both sets of speakers stopped working.  The Course was set up running on the skate Trails then jumping onto some single track which was packed down by snowshoers.  The single track was fun for the first 4 laps or so until it became chewed up by people falling and walking on it.  The lap length was about 3km so a nice short loop allowing the spectators to see the riders 2 times per lap as there was a cross over or figure eight layout.


The first few laps of the race were a lot of fun, playing great tunes, annoying ones as well, and having a great laugh in the singletrack.  Then we started to fall like the rest of them.  Johnny clipped a tree blowing off a speaker, a numberplate and an alien…. Probably the worst fall out of the 3 of us.  Tyler did a superman off the bike on the 5ht or 6th lap which ended up turning off the speakers as they became packed with snow, and Chris clipped a tree on the same lap, where Johnny got turned around going down a hill and ended up facing up the hill.  A really good looking 180!!!







At the mid way point we did have our traditional beer shared by a few.  We coaxed a couple other riders to have a swig with us as well.




At the end of the day we had an absolutely great time, a lot of compliments on the music, and need to give Hardwood Hills, and the Bike Zone big props for putting on another great event!!! Looking forward to another race next year.  Johnny, Tyler and Chris finished with 9 laps, Joe with 8 and Don with 4 or 5.  To top the event off, Tyler won a draw prize of 2 Rims, Surly Rabbit hole hoops, which can be used on a fat bike to run smaller tires, courtesy of Bike Zone.

IMG_0435 IMG_0447




Race Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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