Fat Tire Trail Report – Puslinch Trails

December 30th, 2014 by in Everything

This past Monday, for the folks that either played hooky, or had the day off, headed down to some trails just south west of Guelph, called the Puslinch Trails.  Johnny had ridden here before, so he had a semi lay of the land.  The nice part of the trails were that you can not get lost!   The forest is boarded by 4 roads, 1 being hwy 401. With that you always have your bearings!






Tyler, Johnny, Karen, Kyle, Dan and Bernie all made it out for the ride.  Max joined for the run!




The greatest part of the ride yesterday was that there was no snow!!! It was all dirt, and the below freezing temperatures the night before allotted us the opportunity to get some speed up and have a great run through the trails.   To be honest, it was so nice to ride trails again, and ride them hard and fast, throwing the fat bikes into the corners.






The overall trails were great.  There was a lot of flow and a tonnes of trails in the space that they had to make them.  At times when you stopped you would look around the forest and see a multitude of trails all around you.  There were some fun rocks and rooty sections to play in as well.




After the ride, we took the short drive into Downtown Guelph to the Baker Street Pub, and enjoyed the odd refreshment. Great spot to try a pint or two.  They had several different Micro Brews on tap to try!!!




All in all an excellent day!!!


Fat Tire Rating:  5 out of 5

Skinny Tire Rating:  5 out of 5




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