Fat Tire Trail Report

April 24th, 2014 by in Everything

Date: Wednesday April 23rd, 2014

Location:  Dufferin Forest


Riders:  Tyler, Chris, Johnny

Dogs: Max

Skinny Tire Riders: None……


The Three of us had another awesome ride last night.  The trails are in perfect shape, a little ice hump in 1 spot, but you can ride beside it no problem.  We ended up just riding the Stick and Lollipop trail, and out to the snowfence.






This will be the last ride for the fat bikes for the season, so the hecklers are coming out to play….





We did run into a couple of skinny tire riders in the forest, seems to be a theme that noone has been on the bike in almost 6 months… it has been a long winter that is for sure.  Best way to shake the rust out is to come and ride..


Chris had the first good wipe out of the year on signletrack, clipping a pedal on a stump and being tossed from the bike…. He’s fine, he got up….




All in all we had a great finish to the fat biking season… Cheers to Heckler’s and skinny tires, suspension, and more fun riding.




Ride Ratin: 5 out of 5!!!!



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