Fat Tire Trail Report

April 17th, 2014 by in Everything

The below is what Johnny and I were doing, while you were sitting on the couch!!!








We had an absolutely amazing ride last night.  It was good enough to ride skinny bikes in sections for sure.  I’ll be doing a trail info update as well.


There were some sections that were still deep, but I’d say we rode about 75% singletrack last night!!!  A huge amount of snow left the forest over the last week.  Some trails had snow on them but there was plenty of traction, then we came out to trails that were used in the Homage to Ice, and they were clean and clear and ready to tear up on the fat bikes, and we did!!!


We also were able to ride the connecting trail from the Snow fence back to the lollypop trail, and part of the lollypop trail.  We also were able to ride the majority of the stick trail.  We did get bumped off the trail for a bit, but we found it again.  All in all we were out riding for 2hours, and had a great time doing it.


If this doesn’t get people out riding I don’t know what will!!! If you don’t want to ride Mansfield, we will be starting to ride the rail trail next week Tuesday just to get the rust off the legs.  The ride will be posted on the calender.


Fat Tire Rating: 4.99 out of 5 (Lost 0.01 due to not being able to ride 100% singletrack)

Skinny Tire Rating:  n/a

Max Dog Rating: 3 out of 5 (Still riding too slow for max….)



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