Fat Tire Trail Report

March 6th, 2014 by in Everything

Date: Wednesday March 5th, 2014

Location:  Dufferin Forest


Riders:  Tyler & Chris


The two of us headed out to the forest for a great ride.  It was a lot colder than earlier in the day, that was for sure.  But we did have one huge positive…. We were able to start the ride without the lights on!!!!  For anyone who has been riding all winter, this is big news… One step closer to spring…





The singletrack section that we ride was in perfect shape.  Chris was out on the first voyage on his new Surly Fat bike. Thanks to Senn for finding the deal for him.  With a new set of On One tires he was rocking and rolling.  With some rolling in the snow after the front wheel slid off the packed trail and into the soft snow…  But soft snow landings were well in order to keep the ride going.




We made it back to the snowfence overlooking the valley and rode the snowmobile trails for a while.  Not that much sled traffic which is nice, and riding at night, you can see the lights from the sleds so it makes it that much safer for them coming up behind you.


All in all we had a great ride, trail conditions were perfect!!


Ride Rating: 4.35 our of 5


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