Fat Tire Trail Report

February 20th, 2014 by in Everything

Date: Wednesday February 19th, 2014

Location: Dufferin Forest


Riders:  Tyler, Chris, Johnny

Dogs: Max


The three of us continued the tradition of riding throughout the year, and we had a lot of fun.  With the warm conditions during the day we had high hopes that the trails were going to be in great shape.   We were somewhat right.


We started with our traditional, follow the snowshoer trail, while falling all over the place.  Again, thank goodness for the soft snow!!!!  We had a little fresh snow on top of the trails which made it a good push through the snow.  It was a heck of a work out for sure!!!


We did come across some really nice sections which was a relief for sure, but then some tough sections as well.  With the warm temperatures it really felt like spring, somewhat. Well at the end of the ride we could have 2 beer instead of the typical 1 beer cause we are way to cold….




All in all, we covered 8km, which felt like 8.5km… well more like 15-20km… we were tired, legs fried….

Also, we have a new addition coming into the team van go family… once it arrives we will let you know!!! Here’s a hint….. Grey…..


Ride Rating:  3.85 out of 4

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