Fat Tire Trail Report

February 18th, 2014 by in Everything

Date: Sunday February 16th, 2014

Location:  Dufferin to Mansfield

Riders:  Tyler, Johnny, Mark T.


This past weekend we did our 3rd destination ride, starting the trek at Dufferin Forest, and riding to Alliston (Shoeless Joes).  The weather was cool, but perfect, at -8C to start the day.  We were expecting lots of sled traffic, so we tweaked our ride route slightly.





We started the tour by hitting the freshly snowshoed trails towards the snowfence meets the Snowmobile Alternate trail.  For people that dont know what I’m refering to, don’t worry about it, its the back corner, typically where we come out of the Simcoe trail when we do summer rides.  The snowshoe trail was fun, and a little difficult at times, as like Wednesday’s ride, if you slipped off the trail slightly you would sink, and fall off the bike.  Luckily the snow was soft so it made for better dismounts.







Once we hit the sled trail it was smooth sailing from there.  The sides of the trails were in great shape and you could keep the bike up on the step and chug along no problem.  We continued our ride to a little over the half way mark, and stopped for a pit stop.  Thanks to Mark, we had a great drink on the side of the trail.  12 Year old scotch… mmm…. scotch….








From there, we all seemed much warmer than what we were, and continued towards alliston.  We were passed by the groomer, with a friendly wave.. I think he was more shocked to see us than anything else.  At this point we started seeing a little more snowmobile traffic, but again, everyone was very very friendly, with an overzealous wave and smile we kept chugging along.  We reached the summit of our day to look towards alliston, and see the water tower, we knew we were getting closer.




We had some fields to bike through, which we were hit with a side wind, and noticed that it was cold… At one point we spooked a snowy owl, and watch him fly a bit and land in the field infront of us.  Really cool to see one somewhat up close. Big friggin owl too….




We were all downhill from there, towards the town of Alliston. We ended up on the east side of town, and needed to get to the west side… So up the main street we rode… We could keep up to traffic which was fun….  Our ride ended with us meeting Emily, Karen and Bernie at Shoeless Joes.  After a quick change and some food, the come down from the high begun, and boy did we get tired….


All in all a great day of riding, and recommend anyone to come out and join us on one of these rides!!!!


Ride Rating: 4.75 out of 5


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