Fat Tire Trail Report

March 14th, 2013 by in Everything

Wednesday Night Ride
Dufferin Forest
March 13th, 20123

Tyler, Johnny and Max kept the dream alive with yet another ride at Mansfield.  Tried a bit of a different loop as we had light for 90% of the ride!!!!

The trail conditions were really good for the fat bikes, skinny bikes would not have as much fun as even we were breaking through the crust every once and a while.  This weekend may be a bit different if it stays cold though!

We rode a lot of different trails through Dufferin forest, trying to stay on trails where the snowmobiles had ridden as it was packed down enough to keep the bikes up on plain….

There was however some spots that were a tad wet…. every once and a while the sound of the tires went quiet, and you knew you were on ice and just waiting for the inevitable of breaking through….

All in all the ride was great, 2hr,  21km… can’t complain about that!

Comment of the Ride: “Ice Ice Baby”

Fat Tire Trail Rating: 4.25 out of 5

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