Fat Bike Guest Post!

October 27th, 2014 by in Everything

Hey everyone!  We have a Fat Tire guest post by Lori and Lisa. They get the official first Fat Bike Ride Review of this Fat Bike season! Not to worry, it hasn’t snowed close by yet……here you go, enjoy.

Words and pics by Lisa and Lori.
When thinking about where to ride on a cool fall day, the beach is not likely the first place that comes to mind. Why should it be on your list of places to ride in the fall? Because on the off season it is scenic, peaceful, quiet, and most importantly fun!

More often than not you have a chance of having the beach all to yourself!





This past weekend we visited family near Grand Bend and had a chance to try our new fat bikes on a beautiful beach and sand dunes. We were not sure what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised. The bikes rolled effortlessly along the sand packed areas and it was fun to roll in and out of the water.





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There was also plenty of driftwood to play around on! You can bike for kilometers down the shore line. The sand dunes were also a lot of fun, although not so effortless! The loose sand provided for some challenging climbs and sketchy downhills.




I would recommend anyone with a fat bike to take advantage of some different fall rides by taking a day trip to a beach area for a change of scenery. Check out some of the photos including the driftwood skinnies!!


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