Fall 8hr – Team Van Go Recap

September 30th, 2014 by in Everything

This past weekend (Saturday to be exact) was the Fall 8 hour hosted by Hardwood Hills, and Pulse Racing.  For team van go we had 1 team entered, Tyler, Chris, Andrew and Taylor made the trek up on the perfect day for a race and ride.




Expectations were low, which means, finish the race, no injuries, and no mechanical s.  The course itself was roughly 10km which is a normal lap length for the 8hour races.  This course was a lot easier and less technical than other courses over the years, seemed to aim more towards beginner and intermediate riders.


Like always, you start with the awesome 1+km fire road climb.  I use the word awesome as sarcasm… it was good to get the legs warmed up and just power through the climb and get it over with.  After that you were in and out of single track, but I would estimate that there was probably 50-60% double track.  Good if you are a strong road rider, not so good if you are a strong single track rider.




This year there didnt’ seem to be as many entries, as the trails were for the most part pretty wide open.  When you caught the odd rider, you went by with little to no troubles.  There were the odd person that didn’t want to let you by, but after a minute or so they tired out from trying to stay ahead of you and let you by.




Also this year, Specialized was giving out Demo bikes to try for a lap or so.  Chris, Taylor and Andrew took advantage of this, with awesome results.  All three when jumping onto the Specialized bikes dropped lap times up to 2.5 minutes, which is pretty outstanding.




Over the day Chris laid down the fastest lap for team van go with a 31:06 lap… what a jerk… We had Illona and Emily as our support, and big thank you to Johnathon, Craig, Lori and Lisa who all came out and cheered us on.  All in all we had an amazing day, which then turned into an amazing night.


Race Results – http://www.pulseracing.ca/results/2014fallepic8hour.html#Cat2s7

Race Photos – http://apexphoto.zoomphoto.ca/v5/event_gallery_search.php?frmIndex=350&submit=Search&event=19455&photog=apexphoto


The evening festivities took us up to Taylors Cottage on Otter Lake, just south of Parry Sound.  The drive in was very interesting, as we had no clue where Taylor was taking us.  It was pretty dark by the time we got there, but it is in a beautiful spot, and the cottage was exactly that.  A really cool cottage.  Taylor was a great host.  The next morning we all woke up and chilled out, and Taylor took everyone out for a ride  on the seadoo to look at the lake and the fall colours.






All in all a great weekend, and the cottage may be a spot for a team van go getaway for sure!!!!


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