Epic 8hr Race Report – tvg Podiums

May 12th, 2014 by in Everything

Date:  Saturday May 10th, 2014

Location:  Mansfield Outdoors Centre


Team Van Go – Tyler, Chris, Andrew, Senn

Team Van Go 2 – Jonathon, Craig, Chris and Don

Support Crew – Emily, Julie

Other Attendees / Cheer Section – Erin, Olivia, Claire, Johnny, and Bernie

Photos by Emily



This past weekend we had a couple teams competing in the first 8hr of the year at Mansfield outdoor centre.  The weather was absolutely perfect for the race, and the rain that we had the night before made the trails tacky and in perfect shape!!!




We started our days great, sending Senn and Jonathon out for the first laps.  Both did great first runs, with Senn putting the team up to 4th off the start.  From that point on we started rolling through the orders.  Andrew’s bike had a mechanical prior to his lap where his rear brake was sticking.  We tweaked the order slightly, he was able to get out as the 4th rider.




Lap times for team van go were floating around the 36 – 38 min mark.  Half way through the day, we noticed that we were still well within the hunt for podium, as Senn came in from his lap, in 3rd place, with the rider right infront of him in second, and the rider behind him in 4th.  This made a very exciting end to the day for us.










Chris went out for his lap in 3rd, and stayed right behind the rider in 2nd, and started to drop the team that was in forth.  Tyler went out about half minute behind the 2nd place rider, and 2 minutes up on 4th, and caught up to the 2nd place team, and rode for about half a lap behind him, before passing him.  Tyler came in with a 2 minute gap on 3rd, and about 4 minutes up on 4th.








Andrew who at this point has borrowed one of the Opus Carbon Fibre 27.5″ bikes, layed down a fast lap, putting a 4 minute gap on 3rd, and 6 minutes on 4th.  We knew sending Chris out for the last lap that we were going to podium, just a matter of whether it will be a 2nd or 3rd place finish.  We waited patiently and nervously until we saw Chris cross the line and put us in a solid 2nd Place finish.




I apologize for not knowing the details on how the other team did, as I was focused on our race.  I know team van go had a lot of fun, seemed to have little to no issues, and enjoyed the beautiful day.


All in all, both teams did great, and couldn’t have asked for a better day hanging around better people!!

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