Epic 8 Hour

May 9th, 2014 by in Everything

Good morning All,


Tomorrow is the first 8 hour of the year.  team van go has 2 teams going in, both 4 person teams.

team van go – Tyler, Senn, Chris, Andrew

team van go 2 – Jonathon, Craig, Don, Chris (not the same chris on the other team…. that would just be a little insane i would think….)


If you are floating through the area, come on in and say hi.  Look for the yellow tvg tent, and Senn’s Winnabago…. we are going to be rolling in style!


This year they have added a new spectator spot to watch, again right near the end of the lap, on a downhill, suppose to be a little more technical… great place to watch from the sounds of it.




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