Eager Beaver – Reminder

July 30th, 2014 by in Everything

Hi All,


Just a friendly reminder that Dan is looking for volunteers for the Eager Beaver.  Here is a perk!!!!  If you volunteer for the Eager Beaver, you get free entry into the Sausage Suit Race!!!!! (you can volunteer 10 min than say free entry)


Check out the following link for details on date and time.



What he is looking for are people to man the food stations.  So you get to be in the forest with bananas, tools etc, and cheer on the people that bike past you who are in pain!!!

Also, bring some tunes in the forest with you… Cause everyone loves a song that will stick in your head.


Please contact Dan at substanceprojects@hotmail.com and let him know you are part of Team Van Go!!!


Also if you are blessed enough to have a Van, he wants you too!!!  What’s better than being at an aid station with a van cranking tunes and drinking beer!


Please help if you can, as the more support we give Dan, the more events he will host and more times you can ride!!!



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