Danny Shane Riding Jerseys

March 5th, 2014 by in Everything, Product

This past weekend was the Toronto Bicycle Show.  We walked the show chatting to different manufacturers, looking at new products, but overall the show has been getting smaller over the years and manufacturers but one popped out at us during the walk, Danny Shane.


We had a great conversation with the rep at the show.  Danny Shane is based out of Austin Texas, and mainly made the jerseys for commuters.  They designed and made the shirts with style in mind, and when you go onto their website you can definitely see their basis.  The jerseys are made partially with Bamboo, which is a great wicking agent.


One of the coolest part of their product line is the Tartan designed jerseys.  All in all, we were very impressed with their jerseys and products for sure.   Below is their website if you want to look and order some product feel free.


If you order within the next month, you can use promo code ds2014bwa for a 20% discount.



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