Team Van Go Local Food Bank Fund Raiser

April 8th, 2020 by in Everything

Hi everyone. During my quite times my hamster is still normally spinning and I get ideas in my head.

I was thinking about what we as a cycling community could do during these times. We live in an awesome area and community that gives us so much variety of everything we could possibility want. Trails, Forests, rivers, restaurants and local friendly businesses and well as a host of fantastic people I get to call my friends. Many people from outside our area also are able to share our experiences.

I started to think about how we had such an incredible winter Fat Bike season and how amazing and generous our cycling community was with the fund raising for the groomer. That groomer completely changed our winter experience. That fund raiser gave me an idea.

We are set up well to easily receive donations through our “Donate” button on the right —->>>. I need to give some credit here…this idea was sort of inspired by Dan Marshal from Substance Projects (cycling event organizer) as years ago at his races he encouraged everyone to bring something for a Food Bank donation bin he had set up at the venue. He would then donate the proceeds to the local food bank in the community where the race was being held. Amazing idea! So I thought why not as a cycling community give something back to the area that brings us so much joy, happiness and personal solace?

I thought I’d give this a go in hope and see what happens. Every little bit counts and donations of any amount will all go directly to the Orangeville Food Bank that services our area.

If you would like to provide support just click the DONATE button and you will be directed to Pay Pal. Please put in a note that this is for the food bank.

Please share this post on various social media pages and if you have any comments that may help please send them my way as I’m open to suggestions.

Our Community thanks you. Stay safe and healthy.

Dufferin County Forest Closure

April 6th, 2020 by in Everything

Hi everyone. Please be advised that ALL Dufferin County Forests and the Rail Trail are completely closed to the Public. This includes parking areas and trails.

I urge everyone to show complete respect for this decision and do not use the trails at all until further notice.

Please also avoid engaging in Social Media discussions about this and just understand and appreciate what the County is doing and comply.

As Warden White stated “They (the trails) will wait for you and will be there when the pandemic is over”.

He is exactly correct.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves, your friends and your family.

Please refer to the following notice.


Trail Questions

April 1st, 2020 by in Everything

I’ve had a few people ask about the trails. These tracks from skinny bikes should give you an idea. This is within the first 2km of me hiking…. 🙁

I’d say this should give you the idea….still lots of ice and mud.


Group ride announcement

March 21st, 2020 by in Everything

COVID-19 and physical activity considerations:

Moving forward, TVG will not be posting any group rides on our site. We will be posting up trail conditions as they change. If out on the trails please exercise good judgement and follow proper Public Health guidelines.

It has been difficult to find exact guidelines on outdoor exercise. Here is some info from some reliable sources for your own reading. It covers topics such as:

  • Information pertaining to the current COVID-19 situation
  • Things you can do to promote physical and mental health
  • The importance of physical activity including the health benefits and current guidelines
  • The importance of nature during stressful times including information on health benefits
  • The importance of  keeping the community safe  and yourself safe (i.e. being active while following public health recommendations such social distancing recommendations 2 metres apart.)

Have fun, enjoy nature, be safe, respect others and stay in shape!

The following information is for a reference. Please read through the information and formulate your judgement on how to conduct yourselves according to the guidelines and information and your own personal feelings. Please also seek additional Information on your own accord.  


Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health website for general info on Covid-19 and how to stay safe:

What is social distancing?

From  a recent Waterloo Article: “Can I go outside?
“If you are healthy and do not need to self-isolate, then yes, you can leave your house…..going for walks, a hike or to the park is fine as well, as long as you observe the two-metre rule.”

Guidelines and benefits of physical activity for individuals aged 18-64:

Public Health Ontario’s information relating to physical activity:

Parks Canada:”Healthy Parks, Healthy People, Why Outdoor Exercise Really is Better For You”

Natural Resources Canada outlines how forest can benefit our mental health and well-being:

From National Public Radio (in the US) Refer to question and answer, “People who go outside to exercise are sometimes shamed on TV and social media for risky behaviour. Is it okay to go outside for a walk, run or bike ride?”


Sunday Ride 2pm DCF

March 20th, 2020 by in Everything

We are going to hit the trails at 2pm on Sunday. Cold evening before and a high of plus 3 later in the day and Sun! Trails should be great (if you have studs!). Still lots of snow and ice out there. Anytime this weekend will be a great ride.


Friends of the Dufferin County Forest meeting cancelled

March 15th, 2020 by in Everything

Yup. The meeting has been cancelled for now. C-19 (thanks BFB!). No new date proposed yet.

So Wednesday night ride is back on. We had and awesome ride today & the trails are awesome if you have studs. We will find something to ride as the snowmobile trails and old groomed skis trails where also awesome. Lots of damage free riding still ahead…if you have a Fat Bike….just saying….

So see you Wednesday night!



******Sunday ride Update****** time change***

March 14th, 2020 by in Everything

Hi gang, I’m really sorry to do this with short notice. Something has come up and K&I will not be able to make the 2pm time on Sunday. We will be moving our time to 10:30am. Hopefully some folks can make the change and if not we understand. Feel free to check in with others and if 2pm works better then TVG will have 2 rides!

Sunday Ride 2pm DCF-Weds ride update

March 12th, 2020 by in Everything

Looks like sun, sun and more sun on Sunday with a high of minus 1. Should be a beautiful day in the Woods. 2pm start.

I would say based on the Weds ride that at this point on it’s going to a really tough go if you do not have studded tires. We rode on hard snow, soft snow, dirt and ice (quite a bit of ice).  You are free to give it a go but I’d be very careful as the ice sneaks up on you.

The base is still quite hard packed and there still is a fair bit of snow left out there so it will still be awhile for skinny tires.

Just a reminder that there will not be a Weds ride this week as we are going to attend the Friends of Dufferin County Forest meeting. Sometimes you ride the trails, sometimes you support the trails. The support is very important if you wish to ride.

We may plan a ride Tues or Thursday based on the weather and trail conditions. Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday Ride 6pm DCF

March 9th, 2020 by in Everything

Hi everyone, the weather is actually lining up quite well for our Weds night ride. Rain tomorrow, then below zero Tues night, not too warm Weds then cooling off in the evening. Sill lots of snow out there and studs may come in handy on the ridge!

Should be a fun night with now only needing lights at the very end.

See you there.

Forest news….

March 7th, 2020 by in Everything

Logging will likely begin on Ken’s/Steve’s Trail next week. It is a further along (west) of where the last logging happened in the fall. At least it is not as long of a section of trail affected. I will be marking the section for the loggers tomorrow and our County Forest Manager is attempting to arrange a walk through with the harvesters. Fingers crossed!

The Friends of Dufferin County Forest (FDCF) is having a meeting Weds March 18th, 7pm at the Dufferin Museum. Please plan on attending as everyone being there is important. If you can make it please RSVP as the County Forest Manager has requested. These meetings are very important as they help demonstrate our dedication to the trails, the Forest and the hard work we are willing to do. As well it shows our commitment to each other and other user groups, demonstrating the level of co-operation that we strive for between all user groups. Our normal Wednesday ride will be held on Tuesday or Thursday depending on trail conditions.

That’s it for now…see everyone out there and on the 18th!

If you wish to join the FDCF here you go…the more the merrier! Join up and show your support for the trails and the Forest!

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