Product Review – Sram X9 Shifter

May 14th, 2014 by in Product

SRAM X9 9-Speed Trigger


It’s somewhat of a quiet week, so why not do another product review.  Pretty much every person has 1 or 2 of these, with the exception of the crazy folks that have none… Can you guess what it is…. If you read the title of  the post, than you will know that the review is on shifters, and Sram X9 ones to be exact…


I personally ride with Sram shifters on all my bikes, X9’s or X0’s which feel the exact same.  The X9 shifters, come in 9 and 10 speed options, depending on what drivetrain you are running.  Sram on all of shifter lines run a 1:1 actuation.  What that means is every millimeter that the shifter moves, the cable and the shifter move the same amount.  With this feature, it makes it very simple to adjust and set up the shifter and derailleur.


I’ve run these shifters on my Heckler from Day 1, through trips to Arizona, Downhilling at Blue Mountain and Bromont, and they have never once failed me.  They have taken a beating, crashing on rocks, and you pick the bike up and away you go again.


One really nice feature of these shifters is the noise.  If you like quiet rides, and all that, they you probably wont like these shifters, as every click up or down the gears you do is a nice loud click or clunck….  The other nice thing with the noise, is when racing, and catching a guy, start shifting, the noise usually has them either aware you are behind them and lets you get by easier…


All in all, if you are in the market for a new set of shifters, take a real hard look at the X9 shifters.  You will need to note that if you have a shimano derailleur the shifter wont work due to the 1:1 actuation etc.


Long term Rating:  4.95 out of 5

Bike Right – Selling Fatties!!!!

March 13th, 2014 by in Everything, Links, Product

Hi All,


Just letting everyone know that Derek has now got access to sell both Surly Fat bikes as well as Borealis Fat Bikes (Carbon Fibre Yampa Frame).


Clink on the Image below to redirect to Derek’s Facebook page.



Also note, for anyone Team Van go folks that want to get one, you need to grab them early as they do sell out very fast.  Also Derek is giving out a 10% discount to any team van goers.


If you liked the posts over the winter and want to get into riding throughout the year, get a hold of Derek.  You can also reach him via Email


I would definitely recommend anyone get a fat bike and keep your riding going!!!

Like Queen says “Get on your bikes and ride”


Remember you will need to order them soon to ensure you get a fat bike for next years riding!!!




Danny Shane Riding Jerseys

March 5th, 2014 by in Everything, Product

This past weekend was the Toronto Bicycle Show.  We walked the show chatting to different manufacturers, looking at new products, but overall the show has been getting smaller over the years and manufacturers but one popped out at us during the walk, Danny Shane.


We had a great conversation with the rep at the show.  Danny Shane is based out of Austin Texas, and mainly made the jerseys for commuters.  They designed and made the shirts with style in mind, and when you go onto their website you can definitely see their basis.  The jerseys are made partially with Bamboo, which is a great wicking agent.


One of the coolest part of their product line is the Tartan designed jerseys.  All in all, we were very impressed with their jerseys and products for sure.   Below is their website if you want to look and order some product feel free.


If you order within the next month, you can use promo code ds2014bwa for a 20% discount.

Product Review: WTB Laser V Saddle

December 11th, 2013 by in Product
Laser V

One of the most important parts of you bike, other than the frame, wheels, handle bars, drivetrain, suspension comes a very vital part, your saddle, or seat. You never realize how much time you spend on your seat, until you have a seat that is uncomfortable.  Once you have a uncomfortable seat, you have an uncomfortable ride, and if you are riding with your significant other, you both will have an uncomfortable ride or a miserable ride.

I’ve done a lot of riding over the last few years, and have tried a few different seats, on each bike, and the one I find is the best of the all is the WTB Laser V Saddle that is on my Santa Cruz Heckler.  WTB has a couple versions, the Team which has Titanium Rails, and the Pro which has Ni-Cro rails.  The only difference between the 2 is the weight, with is only 15grams difference.  If you are that concerned about weight, dont drink the extra beer the night before, or have an extra large bowel movement.  Pricing difference between the 2 is about 40$, but if you keep an eye out you can find the Team version for the same or cheaper than the Pro version.

I run WTB seats on all my bikes now, due to their design dual compound base, with leather or synthetic cover, and the Comfort Zone up the middle.  The saddles come with the standard dual rails that work on 99% of the seat posts out there.

These saddles are great if you want to ride a short 1 hour ride, or an 8hr event.  I haven’t had an issue at all with the sensitive undercarriage areas.

If you are in the market for a new seat, take a hard serious look at this one, definately worth the money 100%!

Rating: 4.75 out of 5 (Just in case there is a better one that I haven’t tried) (But I doubt it)

Positives: Comfort, Comfort, and more Comfort

Negatives: None, other than it doesn’t cook meals…..

Part Deal – Crank/Bottom Bracket

November 19th, 2013 by in Product

Hi all,

For anyone in the market for a new Crankset, Merlin Cycles out of the UK has a good deal on one set up for 2×10.

Merlin Cycles – X9 Crankset w/ GXP BB

Merlin is also great if you want to build up a set of wheels.

Product Review: ODI Rogue Lock-on Grips

October 16th, 2013 by in Product

Time for another product review.  This time a review for the one of biggest parts of contact with your bike, your handle bar grips.  These little rubber pieces can make or break your ride.  If you have a good set of grips, you will never even think or notice them, if you have a set of grips that are not comfortable, your be riding trying to adjust your hands on the bars, finding that comfortable spot, which in turn takes your focus off of your ride.

This review will focus on the ODI Rogue Lock on Grips.  These grips seem to be one of the best and most comfortable out there, for both male and female rides.  You can fully customize the grips to your liking, whether its different coloured locks, to having custom writing on the lock rings.

If you look online and check other peoples reviews, the main problem that people  have with the grips is the weight… which for most of us, the couple grams heavier they are compared to the race versions isn’t a big issue..

For comfort, the rubber on the grips are soft yet still have some rigidity… if that makes sense… If you are at a ride with someone with these grips, take a grab hold of their grip… yup that sounds bad..

The wear and tear of the grips on my bike have been great.  I’m on my second year with them on the bike, and they haven’t worn out that much at all.  Good for another season for sure.

Below is a link to the ODI website, you can buy them direct from the manufacturer which is always nice.  You can also get a hold of them from any bike shop too, only thing is you can’t get the custom engraving on the lock rings.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
I would recommend these grips to my enemies for sure… and friends..

Long Term Product Review: Clark Cycle Systems – Cables and Housing

October 1st, 2013 by in Product

Well, I havent done one of these before, but figured I should.  A while back I did a review on the Clark Cables and housing, which I installed on my Rocky Mountain.  During the 8hr race, my shifting started to go wonky, to the point where I could not shift out of granny gear.  The whole thing was jammed.  After pulling to the side of the trail, and using a screwdriver i was able to fix my shifter.

The cause of the jammed shifter was origionally thought to be cable stretch, and that I did not adjust it properly.  I was able to limp through the end of the race, thinking whether my shifter was going to destruct or hoping it to limp and finish the race.

On sunday after the race i took apart the shifter rebuilt it again, to notice the problem of tough shifting was still a problem.  I then started pulling apart the cables and housing to notice that the inner sheild was coming out, and jammed inside the shifter housing.  It was not only just the cable in the shifter but every cable housing on the bike was doing it…
I look at how I Installed them and how they were meant to be installed, and it was done correctly.

Not 100% sure why they failed, but will look into it for sure.  Based on this, I would have to recommend to people maybe avoid the cable housings for now….

Product Review: Clark Cycle Systems – Cables and Housing

September 2nd, 2013 by in Product

It’s been a while since there has been a review on a product, and while I had time to work on my bikes, I installed a new set of cables and housings on the Rocky Mountain.  The system I ended up getting were from Chain Reaction Cycles, and they were Clark’s Cycle Systems.

You are probably thinking, Cables and Housing are the same, and you are partially right.  Most cables and housing are similar, whether it be stainless lines, galvanized, Teflon coated, etc…. The system from Clarks uses a stainless steel cable.  The major difference between Teflon coated and stainless cables is in their infancy on the bike.  The Teflon cables in past experience work well initially, well until the coating comes off.  This usually happens where the cables enter the cable housings.  One note for anyone currently running Teflon cables, do not apply lube to the cables, as they will gum up and cause extra friction.

The Clark system uses stainless steel cables, with a lubricated cable housing.  This offeres a nice smooth transition of the cable through the housing.  Beyond that, the cable housing look cool, with a silver option, and the appearance of a carbon fibre weave.  When you purchase the kit, it includes 2 inner cables, enough cable housing to run both front and rear derailleurs, as well as the end caps, and ferrules.

The pricing for the complete kit from Chain Reaction came in at 15$, so not a bad price for the complete setup.  In comparison, the Jagwire kit that I had on my bike previously ran just shy of 30$, and it only lasted 1/2 a year before I needed to swap the cable and housings out.  The shifting was to the point where it was near impossible to shift the front derailleur due to the housing being gummed up with dirt.

We will see how this new set of cables and housings go, but after a couple rides they have been smooth, and no issues as of yet… fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc….

Rating: 4 out of 5 – The cables installed easily, and they look cool!
Would you recommend this to a friend: For the people that didn’t read the above, and want the Cole’s Notes version, Yes I would recommend them to a friend…..
Pricing: 4 our of 5 – You can find cheaper cables, and you can find more expensive ones, but for the quality, these ones are really good!

2×2 Cycles – Bike Rack Review

July 9th, 2013 by in Product

Hello hello,

I figure I’ll throw up a new review on a product I have had sitting in my garage for a few months, waiting to install on my Suzuki SV650… It is a Mountain bike rack for a motorcycle.

This will now kill 2 birds with 1 stone, I can ride my motorbike, and still go to rides… a brilliant idea.  It all started several years ago at an 8hr in Mansfield where a guy riding a Kawasaki showed up with his bike strapped to the back of it.  I’ve been looking for a while reading reviews, and there only seems to be a couple people making them.

I bit the bullet over the winter and ordered it up, with attachments for the Heckler, the Rocky Mountain Element, as well as the FAT BIKE… I haven’t mounted the fat bike yet, but I will, the picture will look ridiculous.

Anyways, with some back and forth between myself and Garrett at 2×2 cycles, we sorted everything out, and the unit was built and shipped within 2 weeks.

The finish of the rack is great, black powdercoating, with a lot of extra mounting holes so you can adjust the rack however you want to mount it to the motorbike.  They make racks for any and every make of bikes which is great.

Installation was a breeze, as soon as I read the instructions… like everyone you have to struggle to figure it out before you read the instructions…. One note, all the allen bolts are standard and not metric, so before you try and finish assembly, make sure you have the right size allen keys…

Currently I have the bike rack fitted to the bike and it was pretty smooth to install and line up.  Mounting the mountain bike to the motor bike was easy as well.  You need to remove the front wheel from the bike, and it fits into a quick release system.  The pedal then rests in a saddle which locks into place with a quick release system as well. The front wheel then sits beside the bike, as you utilize the quick release skewer from the wheel.  Other than that, strap it down, put the flag on the back wheel and you are ready to rock and roll.  I’m planning on making it a quick release idea to remove the rack easily, so it is not on the bike at all times.

All in all, definitely worth the money to be able to ride the motorbike to events now, and still be able to ride the mountain bike!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5

27.5" Santa Cruz Heckler

June 17th, 2013 by in Product

Good Read on the NEW Heckler

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