Brewery Review-New Belgium Brewery

April 26th, 2015 by in Everything

So a small twist on the beer review….we’re going to review a whole brewery! While on a bike trip to Moab,  Karen, Bernie, Lisa, Lori and Johnny visited New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins Colorado.


We had signed up for a brewery tour in advance for 1:30 (cost: 0$). We had a great tour of the brewery which lasted about 1.5 hours.  Our very informative guide provided a lot of info on the history of New Belgium Brewery and the brewing processes.  The tour was awesome giving us a look at the entire process of getting beer to us from start to finish.  During the tour we were also provided with many refreshments (touring is hard work and we were getting a little thirsty!) that gave us examples of many different types of beer that they brew.  The most impressive room was where they age beer in wooden barrels…really big barrels!


We didn’t get to see the bottling in action as by 2pm they had done their quota…374000 bottles of beer!  So after many samples, lots of good beer info, what better way to finish a tour but with a spiral slide to the bar!


We continued to sample at the “tasting room” for quite a bit (beer still seemed to be free so why leave?).


After a great time at the brewery, we road our townie cruiser bikes


back to town for a coffee and the another brewery for more samples….then to another brewery for dinner and more sampling.  


We had an amazing day and thanks again to New Belgium brewery for the afternoon tour and midday beer buzz!


What did the beer taste like:  like a beer rainbow, the whole spectrum of beer tastes!

Would I recommend the beer: did I mention the slide to the tasting room?

Would I buy a case: of which one?

Rating : 5/5

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