Beer Review: Mill Street Palomar Ale

July 29th, 2014 by in Beer Reviews, Everything

Good morning all, unless you are reading this in the afternoon, then good afternoon.   After a ride last night, thank you to Mark for providing the Mill Street Seasonal Sampler, I grabbed a Mill Street Palomar Ale.  Typically I don’t right a review on a beer so quickly, but this one hit the taste buds, and the thought that it needed to be done ASAP!!!




The Palomar Ale is a take on Mexican beer, where they add Chipotle and Lime flavors to the beer.  The beer has a 5% alcohol rating, and currently you can only get them either at the brewery or in the sample packs.  This is a good thing.


The initial thought on the beer was that it may be interesting.  Chipotle and lime flavors, whats the worst that can happen….. well this beer is…..

When you smell the beer you really do get an almost BBQ smell.  Really exactly what they are saying on the bottle with the Chipotle and Lime scents.  Then you put your mouth to the bottle and take a swig.  That’s when it hits you…..


Drum Roll!!!!!!


Absolutely terrible!!!  To be honest, I really like Mill Street beers in general, but when they start to mix up different flavours into the bottle, then we have a problem Houston.  You almost think you are drinking a BBQ… it has a very smokey taste, with a hint of Lime, but there is no taste of beer at all.


Usually after the ride, you can slug back a beer pretty good, but this one, not so much… I was able to stomache about 1/3 before the rest was absorbed into the ground.

My recommendation, give that beer away to someone if you do get the sampler pack…


Rating:  0.15 out of 5


Was the beer…. you know what, i’m not even going to bother
with the question…..



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